Robo Cast (Polyester)

  • Strong and Comfortable  Robo Cast is 20 times as rigid as conventional plaster cast. Though it is thinner, and lighter than our conventlonal plaster cast by 5 times.
  • Durable  Robo Cast is strong against impact and durable on edge sides.
  • X-ray translucent  Robo Cast has outstanding x-ray translucency.
  • Environmentally Friendly  Robo Cast can be incinerated after use.
  • Conformable Excellent  Multi-directional stetch makse it easier to wrap and shape.
  • Better Sanitation  Robo Caste is highly permeable to water vapor, reducing bulid-up of moisture inside cast.
  • Less Dust  No Potential Hazard of Fibreglass Robo Cast Polyeter produces signiflcantly less dust than fiberglass product during removal.
  • Tacky-Free  The slip additives in the Robo Cast provide tack-free properties and excellent end lay down.
  1. Stretch of the Product
    Stretch% length-way is one of crucial factors which decides the quality of the product, because it is required when the product is applied on body contour such as elbow and heel.
  2. Lesser Bubble-Out of the Lubricant
    Bubble-Out of the Lubricant from ROBO Cast is significantly very small that may cause skin problem to patient. Tested by rubbing 15-20 times for molding.
  3. Low Foaming ; Test by TEM analysis
    Lesser Forming occurs on surface of the ROBO Cast during the hardening process, which keeps the structure of the Knit Tape in shape. So, the cast made of ROBO Cast has smoother surface, better ventilation, and stronger compression strength. Pictures below show the magnification on the casts after hardening process.
  4. No Furs on ROBO Cast Polyester
    Only a little are found on ROBO Cast Fiberglass. This kind of fur is one of the main factors that cause patient to have itching or allergy problem. So, doctors are very reluctant to use the product with furs on the cast.
  5. Outstanding X-ray translucency
    Robo Cast Polyester is outstanding in X-ray translucency.
  6. Environmentally friendly
    Robo™ Cast Polyester made of Polyester substrate can be burned up after use, without burying the used casts in the ground. So, environmental pollution and medical waste problems can be minimized.
Size : 2", 3", 4", 5"
Colour: White, Dark Blue, Pink